Saturday, May 17, 2008

IVF Survival Tips

We have done three cycles and have learnt the hard way what works (and what doesn't!):

  1. Don't stop the quiet/ devotional times with God. Sounds like Christianity 101 but when you are under the weather from the drugs, there's a temptation to skip them. I made them a treat time in a cafe with a mocha. Actually I continued that habit and still do it(hehe!)
  2. Take it easy when starting injections. Gonal F throws your body completely and we didn't realise how much. On our first cycle, I did a half marathon on the first day of Gonal F injections. Ummm..stupid! On the first day of Gonal F injections in the second cycle we flew to Australia. The time difference and drugs knocked me for a couple of days. Third cycle... I took it easy. Yes, I take a while to learn!
  3. Try not to look at it one result at a time. The results go up and down, good and bad in the space of a day. All you need is one healthy fertilised non-fragmented embryo. Full stop. It's such a roller coaster- try not to get on it emotionally. Breathe and then allow yourself to react...
  4. Take some time off work/ time out after retrieval. The first cycle I went back to work the next day. You will be bruised inside and hurt and the body needs time to recover for the replacement later that week. Likewise after replacement, have some R&R time on the couch.
  5. Laugh lots! We rented all our favourite DVDs and we lay around laughing.
    Get prayer support. We did the first cycle solo and it wasn't much fun at all. We opened up gradually and by the third cycle we had close people praying.
  6. Build treats into the process. Do things for you and then do things as a couple. When I looked forward to those things, the IVF tended to face to the background.

Last, again...let God in! Refer back to point 1. You won't feel like spending time with God and will naturally tend towards panic and paranoia but honestly, He's the only one who can help you. He will lift you up and beyond the craziness of the drugs and stress and help you see the bigger picture. He did that for me and I am Queen of Stress!


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