Wednesday, January 30, 2013

life shots

Thank you so much for your loving comments, texts and emails, friends. We feel encouraged and supported by you and your prayers.

My Dad does indeed have two tumours in his brain. An apricot and a grape as I like to think of them. He's had all the tests he needs to and he has been transferred to Auckland hospital. After another MRI he is waiting for surgery to remove the suckers. We hope that it will happen this afternoon.

My Mom is coping with the chemo and in a funny way coping a bit better now that she needs to focus on Dad. His situation is lifting her above her own. Sometimes my head spins at the knowledge BOTH my parents are seriously ill with cancer at the same time.


So... we moved!

Our new house is much bigger and we are settling in and doing battle with the boxes. When I say that the house was filthy, those words don't even come close to describing it. And the owners got a commercial cleaner in before we moved in. All I need to say for you is that Dida has used an abrasion wheel on his drill to get the imbedded dirt/fat/oil off the stove elements. Apply that to the rest of the house and you get the picture.

Other than the dirt and the effect that has had on my clean-freak persona, the house is lovely. The kiddies love the flat back yard and space to play. The "new one house" is a success!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the week

This little space has been vacant for the last week or so, my apologies for that. It's hard to put words around things so I will do my best.

This dry run? It was the truth. After some niggly feelings and a deep conviction in my heart I called the oncologist. His blunt words were very hard to hear but at the same time refreshing. My Mom started a course of chemo on Monday and is doing ok. She has to be ok and weather this chemo and the symptoms. No choice really.

My Dad has been displaying some very worrying symptoms and my sisters and I were at our wits end last last week. I talked to my Dad over the weekend and despite his denials we managed to get him to the doctor on Monday. He's been in hospital since and has two tumours in his brain.  At this stage we don't know much about them and he is undergoing testing.

Add to this we are moving house. This post sounds like those atrocious posts you read where you thank God it's not your life. But it is my life. And we have to put one foot in front of the other and be ok. I am actually as fine as I can be, God's Grace is amazing.

His Word is immensely comforting as is this...


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alpaca goodness- Show and Tell

Here is my new little beauty...made by me! I love (love love) crochet.

When we were in Tauranga I visited a little yarn shop called Creative Yarns and Knits. They are so helpful and friendly and the yarn is amazing. I fell in love with this yarn- Baby Alpaca chunky (Misti Alpaca in Blue Bell). It is super soft and cuddly. As I could only afford one hank the shop assistant suggested I make a scarf (see, how helpful?)

This is it! A simple combination of treble and single crochet rows with a size 10 hook giving me a long narrow snuggly scarf ready for winter. I may be waiting for a little while to wear it, given the heat at the moment!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Yesterday we were married for 18 years. Eighteen. Eiiightteeeen. That's a whole lot of years.

He's never had any doubts about us, he says. He told me during the years of horror waiting for kiddies that he would choose me again. Even though I can't make babies he would ask me again.

I am loved and chosen. Life is never boring with me, he tells me. And he likes the way I look, skinny, medium and fatter, he likes me always.

I am truly and utterly blessed.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

summer love

Our little holiday is over- we have had the best time. I hope your break over the Christmas and New Year break has been wonderful.

We have been up to Tapora and the Kaipara and down to Tauranga and Te Puke and then back home via Ohiniwai. (Translation- north from Auckland and then south and then sideways and back to Auckland) Bliss.

Tomorrow I start work. Dida has another week off so is on children duty for next week. Then we have one more week in this little house before we move. And no packing or sorting has been done yet (I don't care)

To keep me in the holiday mood, here are some pictures from our time away...

Up at the bach (holiday house) in Tapora

Playing dress up in my friend Meg's Mum's garage

Chilling at the cousins

Long live summer!!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year, friends! May 2013 be filled with love and laughter xxx

I had a little secret late last year. And I couldn't tell on my blog, even though it's my safe space, as my sisters read it. It was a Christmas surprise.

My Mom was told about her cancer relapse on my birthday (remember this?) None of us knew what the next couple of months would held and I just wanted to hold my Mother in that space, on the 8th November forever.

I asked her if I could organize a photo shoot for her as soon as possible. So the following Monday she did the same session as I did for my business shots. They did her hair and makeup and she had a wonderful time. The photographer knew about the whole situation and they treated my Mom like a queen (rightly so!)

The shots were simply beautiful and they took our breath away. I had them framed and gave the framed  photos to my Dad on Christmas day. He loved them.

Here are some of the shots of my gorgeous mother. Isn't she amazing?


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