Thursday, August 30, 2012


**UPDATE: Thanks so much for the responses. I truly wasn't fishing for compliments but thank you for the kind words. I have never done something like this so was panicking a bit. Dida and the family think it's ok too so even though I think I look a bit odd, I am going with it!**

Dida is not home yet and no-one has answered the email I sent them 15min ago (what are they doing?) so I need to ask you...

Do I look like a chipmunk?

I finally did a photoshoot for the business- you know for website/ proposals etc. I chose a couple of photos including the one you will see in a tic. I wanted one where I was sitting and I thought this one was ok. Not so sure now, I think I look like I am storing food for the winter in my cheeks and that's not a great look when I am trying to win a project. Or is it? Maybe I could show how frugal I am "look I can store food in my cheeks i.e.. stick to a budget??"...

Please be honest! (And I cannot believe I am using my poor blog to ask this kind of question- lucky you are all so fabulous is all I can say...)

P.S. Be honest, I can take it.


Monday, August 27, 2012

here and there

Life is good. Crazy good, you know?

We are just ending a bout of coughing sickness with one kiddie catching it after the other. The type of coughing sickness that keeps them (and us) awake at night. After a couple of nights of it, I went out yesterday to escape Dida. Men do not cope, is all I am saying.

I am loving making the bunting for Rupi's 4th birthday party. I realise that his birthday is in November but I am a freak planner. I have a list of "to-do's" breaking the weeks down until the day. I am in heaven. Anyway, I have 83 double sided triangles of fabric ready to sew together- because I like to do things the hard way.

We are selling our house which is exciting. The market is good and it's time. That and we are exploding out the seams of this little house. The business and 4 people are mashed in a very small 3 bedroom house. Cosy in the extreme.

So we are doing a car boot sale at the school's garage sale to sell off stuff. I am washing all the baby/ kids clothing before selling it. Dida thinks I am nuts which is why I would really like someone to tell me they would do it too. I would not want buyers thinking we are stinky/ dirty people. And I am ironing it too...

Blossom had her first hair cut last week. I was mean and took her when she was sick, but in my defense I did not know. She sat on the chair weeping and crying for a cuddle with me. Stab me in the heart. She does looks amazingly cute though!




Tuesday, August 14, 2012

good life

Loving life right now. It's mental and insane and also wonderful. This is the "dream life" and I also know that a good life is not an easy life. So life is tough and a little bit overwhelming but also super good.

Work is exploding and I am tired. But I still have Wednesdays off and a little bit of Fridays. Tomorrow we do the zoo again and the kids are really excited.

This is my face- shattered or what? Hello watery eyes...

But then these faces make it all worth while! Better go and get Blossom who is asleep in the car (in the garage with the doors locked- stupid I am not)

And woohoo for SPRING around the corner. Two words 'Praise Jesus', I am not a happy camper in winter. It's starting to get much lighter in the morning and I can smell the warmer weather coming. Bring it on!


Friday, August 3, 2012


This morning there was the kind of playing I have dreamed of. Extended, sweet and no-one cried. It was bliss.

It was a boat apparently with all their supplies on board including beanbags and blankets. They and their pet stuffed animals were taking refuge away from the circling sharks. Love it.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the backseat

My love of blogging is suffering as we settle into this new phase of our lives- the nanny-free phase. It's good, really good. We miss Mel, but this new phase is good for us.

The stretch comes in trying to fit work into it all. So I find myself working almost every night for a couple of hours. I don't mind in the least, but it does not leave any time for blogging. Poor blogging is firmly in the back seat!

[So is reading and commenting on my favorite blogs. I love you muchly, even through there's a silence from my end!]

Today on Adventure Wednesday we visited the museum. Auckland has an amazing museum with free entry for Auckland residents. Woop! The children's ages mean that most of the experience is way over their heads but they did love it all anyway.

There is an incredible "Weird and wonderful" kids area, full of stuffed animals (the real ones), insects, fish and so much more. Some of it was totally gross to me, like the glass box full of cockroaches, but it was fascinating for the kiddies.

I got busted big time by one of the security people. You can't take ANY food or drink into the actual museum and I bought a coffee just before we went in. I stuck it down in the stroller storage unit knowing I was being a very bad person. I was happily sneaking sips when I was busted and endured a lecture in front of a bunch of about 400 Korean students. The shame.

I also realized that I am going to have to get with the program and start learning what things are and how they work. A "big picture creative style" is not going to cut the mustard with kids. For now I can mumble an answer to "what is that?"/ "how does that work?"/ "what is that called?" or even better make something up that sounds kind of right...but sooner or later someone is going to call my bluff.

In my defense, it's actually a skill to sound as if you know what you are talking about even when you have no idea, and one that I have used to great effect over the years in my career. It gives you the wriggle room to find out what you need to know. Possibly won't work with kids????

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