Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One more step

We met the birth father and his Mum last week. We were very nervous! It didn't help that our social workers were 15min (!) late and so we'd all met by the time they got there. But we got on like a house on fire. The birthfather is SO nice and his Mum's pretty special too. He likes cats and chocolate brownies so we really couldn't go wrong could we?!!

Again we are totally overwhelmed at God's goodness to us at picking two such different yet equally wonderful familes for us to be joined to. There's no way that this could have been planned by human hands as every detail is perfect. I think that part drives the social workers mad as they are almost not needed as God orchestrates every move.

I can sense God fighting for us in the heavenlies- sounds a bit super-spiritual but it's true. He's up there fighting for this to work and working out every detail. All we are doing is standing at the moment. I am not in fighting mode or trying to work towards break through. All we are doing is standing as my God fights for us.

I feel so incredibly loved...

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