Sunday, April 15, 2012

just fantabulous

We had a weekend that was pretty much perfect! There was so much goodness we feel utterly replete and ready for the week ahead...

We started with a date at the park with my Mom. She's doing ok with the chemo so far.

We then met my sister and nephews at an indoor playground with a giant slide. Rupi went on it about 400 times and Blossom about 100 times. That meant that I got to go a 100 times with her too. I loved it (not) as you can see...

Saturday was Scrag's epic Peter Pan party. I was seriously excited about this party and it did not disappoint. Simoney is a genius. Pure and simple. I am so grateful that Rupi and Scrag are so close in age and we are besties with the G family as we'll always get to go to Scrag's parties (yippee!)

The Pirate ship complete with "walk the plank"...

The smallest and cutest Tinkerbell ever!

Mr G moonlighting as Captain Cook. The little girls were genuinely terrified, hehe!

My little Lost Boy!
Rupi didn't sleep much on Sat night due to growing pains (he's now into size 5 clothing and he's only 3 years old). We slept in and missed church and celebrated His Goodness at the beach. Love New Zealand!

Remaliah, (my fellow tiny foot admirer) note the size 20 gumboots on Blossom! Melt.My.Heart!

We also squeezed in Rupi's soccer game, veggie gardening, catching up with old friends and visited our favourite aunt and uncle. What a great weekend. Hope yours was too!



Neetz said...

Oh.. so glad to hear your Mum's coping with the chemo well... man oh's something I wouldn't wish on anyone!! The mere thought of it makes me feel nauseous to this day!

The kiddies look fantastic and look like they're having a great time at that indoor playground! (unlike Mum who looks like she's had quite enough thank you very much!) hahaha.

Simone is a legend with those parties huh? :) That looked great fun!

Have a great up-coming week!

Cat said...

glad to hear your mum is doing ok S
one day at a time
and by the looks of this pst
the days have been filled with joy!!!

love and light

Meghan at MNM's said...

The best kind of weekend indeed...what lovely family moments :-)

Gail said...

look at your gorgeous family!
So glad your mum is doing ok, friend. Continuing to pray for her and you all!xx

Remaliah said...

I missed this post!! And there's so much I want to comment on :) I'm glad to hear your mum is coping well with the chemo. And that indoor playground...I know right now that my girls will love to go there when we're back! So COOL that you got to be at Scrag's birthday party!! I admire Simone's amazing party creativity! And the boots...I can imagine them now...SO cute!! I got the crocs down in the weekend for the girls to try on again, to show my family. Still 2 weeks until their birthday...I'm cheating a little :) Hope your week goes well! xx
Oh, P.S.... yes, I made the table hut. I saw an idea on pinterest and youtube and we had a flat white bed sheet, so I cut it up, bought some clear plastic and somehow managed to sew it altogether (I'm really truly a beginner sewer!). It's easy if you use pinking shears. And yes, we'll be around Auckland when we get back so I would love to meet you all :)

Simoney said...

How did I miss this post?? I was keeping my eye out for when you mentioned "the party"!
Your photos look awesome - would love you to email me some? xx
(you can never have too many photos, I say)

I haven't seen one with a cool slide like that before... I'm guessing Lollipops... but which one? is it new??

Ah so glad we get to be besties.
Lets go out again SOON.


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