Thursday, September 20, 2012

church loving

I love our church. The thing that bums me out sometimes is that it's not local. We live in a different part of the city to it, but that's not enough reason for us to leave. We have been going there for 11 years and I can see us there until we are old and wrinkly.

I have fallen in love even more with our church as I see how the children are loved each Sunday. They are taught about God's love through amazing helpers and teachers.

Rupi is in a class run by Mrs L. Mrs L is legendary and I heard stories of how much children love her class years ago. She is pretty special. And Rupi looooooves Mrs L and "kids church" every Sunday.

The memory verses ("member" verses according to him) he gets each week are treasured and pored over. He carries them around and repeats them...and almost gets them right. I hear hymn teaching Blossom a contorted form of the Word sometimes, it's hilarious.

How awesome is our church!

P.S. The spiderman tag off his favorite spiderman t-shirt is racked alongside God's Word- so funny!!!



Cat said...

such a blessing to find a spiritual home away from home
such a gift

love and light

Miriam said...

love that he is treasuring the word - so special x

jennohara said...

Its great that Rupi is so into it! It's so important to find a great church. I'm glad you have yours!!

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