Friday, September 28, 2012

made it

We made it. Through one long 11 week term without the nanny. It was tough and crazy but now we know that we can do it. The kiddies are tired and so are we but we made it.

Blossom is going through one crazy time of pants wetting at pre-school. She's fine at home but there she's Queen Wet-Pants. As you can imagine (being low on drama and analysis) I have tormented myself about this. Did we put her in too early? Is she being hurt? Is she scared of the toilets? On and on. The teachers put it down to her being too busy doing things and forgetting or not wanting to bother. For the sake of my sanity, I am agreeing. And buying more undies and leggings.

Rupi is having his own crisis. He likes to read about dinosaurs and loves anything that features a large man eating animal. All well and good until the middle of the night. Between nightmares about big teeth "getting him/ me/ Dida/ Blossom" and growing pains in his knees, sleep is scarce. So this week I had him in bed with me and Dida slept in Rupi's single bed (haha!). So when Rupi wakes I put an arm out and cuddle him. The shadows have disappeared from beneath his eyes but not sure of the long term viability of sleeping separately to my husband!

Still, these are minor blips and we made it. We made it to the school holidays! I still have next week to negotiate between work and kids but in the second week of the holidays we are going away for 4 nights. No internet, no computers, just us. And that will be bliss.

Happy school holidays!

P.S. Photos from Normanton Park, on the North Shore. This park is the bomb.



Lyns said...

Hi Sammy, working at preschool has taught me that little ones do seem to go through stages with toilet training. It is most likely that the "novelty" of going to the toilet has worn off and she is just having such a good time playing - going to the toilet is an interruption.
We would talk to the parents and sort out if their child just needed us to regularly remind them, or to actually take them. In some cases sticker charts were requested by the parents and these sometimes helped.
Don't overanalyse, the holidays may be just what is needed.

jennohara said...

Glad everyone's (mostly) well! :)
I hope the nightmares and wet pants slow down for all of your sanity.
The kids are precious in pictures, like always.

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