Wednesday, January 30, 2013

life shots

Thank you so much for your loving comments, texts and emails, friends. We feel encouraged and supported by you and your prayers.

My Dad does indeed have two tumours in his brain. An apricot and a grape as I like to think of them. He's had all the tests he needs to and he has been transferred to Auckland hospital. After another MRI he is waiting for surgery to remove the suckers. We hope that it will happen this afternoon.

My Mom is coping with the chemo and in a funny way coping a bit better now that she needs to focus on Dad. His situation is lifting her above her own. Sometimes my head spins at the knowledge BOTH my parents are seriously ill with cancer at the same time.


So... we moved!

Our new house is much bigger and we are settling in and doing battle with the boxes. When I say that the house was filthy, those words don't even come close to describing it. And the owners got a commercial cleaner in before we moved in. All I need to say for you is that Dida has used an abrasion wheel on his drill to get the imbedded dirt/fat/oil off the stove elements. Apply that to the rest of the house and you get the picture.

Other than the dirt and the effect that has had on my clean-freak persona, the house is lovely. The kiddies love the flat back yard and space to play. The "new one house" is a success!



Leonie said...

Oh Sammy, you have been on my heart.
Praying for your Mum and Dad and all of you during this really tough time.
And ugh on the house!

jacksta said...

oh sammy :( Im sorry you have been having such a hard time with your family. Hugs and cyber love coming at ya xx

ps. ew about the stove. Don't people clean their stoves!

PaisleyJade said...

Sending mega love tour way Sammy. Crazy situation your family is in and so grateful you have a strong tower to run to.xoxo

Sarann said...

Glad you have moved but share your pain re the cleaning! Your sense of strength is awesome and will be so useful to your parents. Thinking of you often and prayers being sent your way. x

Leonie said...

Yay for a succesful and happy move! Big big hugs to you and your family - will keep you in in my thoughts and prayers. Keep smiling xx

Simoney said...

Can't wait to come visit.
Send me your address and new ph number will you my friend??
Love to you all.
And don't forget my offer of a drop-pad when you are in visiting your dad.
Even if you want to leave the kiddies with me while you go.
Or visit with them, bring them here, and go back just yourselves for a more "peaceful" visit?

Monica Williams said...

Oh Sammy, I missed your first post while I was away. I'm so sorry you have this to deal with, what a raw deal.
I'm glad you are enjoying your new house though.
Thinking of you lovely. xx

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