Sunday, May 3, 2009

Perfect 10

My beautiful donor did so well today. We have 10 beautiful eggs that are currently doing their thing with you know...the wriggly things!

She was incredibly brave! The procedure really hurt. She didn't even cry except for a single tear that crept down her cheek at one point when it was really really sore. I am in awe.

I did more crying than she did and freely admit it was so hard to watch her go through this for me. It was the most humbling experience of my life to sit and hold her hand through this procedure. She went through that for me..... it blows me away.

This amount of eggs is fantastic. The most I ever had was 8. The rate of attrition from now on is high. Some eggs won't be mature, some won't fertilise, some won't divide and some won't continue to grow... but all it takes it one!

Despite the medical fraternity thinking this is all up to them, we know better. Sitting in a lab tonight is Life. God Himself is breathing on those little bits of humanity and creating life.

I am so grateful that this part of the journey is over for my donor. The injections, drugs, discomfort and pain now ceases. Thank you Jesus.

In the meantime we unashamedly ask Him for a miracle. For one of those little bits of life to be our baby. I thank God He has those tiny scraps of us in his Hands, it gives me such security.

Please pray for us over the next few days! We have replacement on Wed, all things going well.

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These Three Kings said...

praying for exciting lets see what the father does :)

Simoney said...

Oh man, Sammy, how did I miss this post??? I got the shivers AGAIN and am nearly crying. Praying with you and thanking God that one (or two) of thise little seeds will bear fruit as your Dream. xxx So much love to You and Mr EB. xx

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