Friday, May 22, 2009

Drying glue

Been super busy this week, caught up with my sisters and some very neglected friends. Done tons of stuff for my little business, cooked and baked, ran errands and looked after a little man who has 4 (yup, 4!!!) teeth coming through.

I have had no time to think and process. Sometimes its good to get beyond the immediate emotion before you process things. The huge emotion of not being pregnant would just get in the way of hearing God's voice and perspective in this.

I am very heart sore but I am ok. God is good, before this happened and He's good right now.

I feel like I am a vase that has broken. God has come along and glued me together. Before I go testing out the glue and looking at what has been repaired I need to allow the glue to dry.
So I am allowing the glue to dry. And trusting Him and reading about Him and talking to him....but just not going right there, analysing and probing at this very moment.

Focusing on just being. A wife, mother, daughter and friend. AND how jolly cold it is! Trying to keep yourself warm soon moves your mind on from the internal to the external!

And of course because I love him so and he is such a comfort to me right now, here is my small man.... I love how fair he is (just like me!) and how his little brow furrows with concentration!

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Amy said...

Beautiful song you have playing Sam. In the midst of my breaking heart today I was soothed and blessed by those words. Surrender. And eyes on the face of Jesus. And breathing through the ache into the blossoming rest of His grace.

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