Monday, January 18, 2010

I am his girl

Right here and now I am Rupi's girl **. His one and only. He can't imagine another woman he could love as much as me, his Mama. I am his feminine ideal and all he looks for in a woman. I am all he knows or wants.

My arms are the ones he reaches for, my touch soothes the hurts and my kisses tell him he is so loved. I am his Mama, his girl.

One day, sooner than I think, I will have to let go. Step back for another girl to take my place. Amd I will do it willingly and gladly because it's right and he will need to build his world around another, his wife. My hubbie and I will let him go and he will make a new life.

But for now, in these precious years, I am all he wants. And I relish each moment. This little boy is so incredible and already such a little man. I don't take it lightly and pray that God helps me to be what he needs me to be. His Mama, his girl.

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** Please understand my heart, I am not denying the role that so many other incredible woman have in Rupi's life, the most important being Sweetpea, his birthmum. I am just celebrating being his Mama.


Kre8ive Life said...

Wow what a beautiful post. I nearly cried. How fabulous to truely grasp the value of your relationship with your little one and to see it as so incredibly precious. Too many people take relationships for granted even with their littlies. Your love for your little one is SO evident in your post. May you continue to inspire those around you to LOVE so deeply (-that is living the Kre8ive Life).

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