Friday, January 8, 2010


I am so grateful to have Rupi and so grateful to be able to have another child too. Part of me never thought that this would happen for me. I am freshly grateful every single morning.

Infertility robs you of a skin thickness. I am still so thin skinned when it comes to kiddies. I hate whining and complaining about children and the burden they bring. They are a blessing during good times, tired times and tough times. End of story.

And my point?

I wanted to murder yesterday at the midwife. I was waiting for my appointment and a woman comes in with her little (gorgeous) 5 week old baby. The receptionist asks her how she is going and she says that she's ok when her child is not being a demon. Then laughs and says "Actually she's a demon all the time!" and looks down at her baby and says "Aren't you?"

I know how tired you get and she may have been speaking from that tired place. But come on. A demon?

She trots off to the loo and the receptionist laughs and addresses all of us waiting. "What a hoot she is" she says "When she gave birth she asked for the gender and said to the midwife that if the baby was a boy she wanted to hand him back. And her husband said that she was serious!" (lots of laughing)

Wanting to hand her back should she have been the "wrong" gender? Hello? None of us laughed actually and I was so mad.

Yes, there are jokes and time for giggles but I know tons of incredible girls who would love a baby and I guarantee that the word "demon" would not be applied to their child.


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Simoney said...

unbelievable! I sometimes can't fugure out the logic that sees people like that able to have kids with such ease. It just doesn't seem right, does it? xx

Jodi said...

Yeah, I'm one of those girls!

Infertility does make you thin-skinned, you are right! I wouldn't have been in a gynecologists office to begin with (I can't bring myself to go back yet and face all those pregnant women to get a checkup. Bad, I know) but had I been, I might just have punched her! Ugh.

Gail said...

"demon" is not a word that would EVER come to mind for describing a 5 week old! That's quite sick really.

Hope you guys are enjoying a yummy summer Sammy! Loving the pics of Rueben you posted on her - those delicious thighs!!


FROGGITY! said...


never. a baby is so innocent... why do people do things like that?

Nadine said...

I agree with previous comment...calling a 5 week old a demon is pretty sick! People are ignorant!

FROGGITY! said...

hi, just tagged you on my blog!

Cat said...

maybe she just had a twisted sense of humor....
not my kind of humor but maybe it is what works for her...keeping her sane...maybe she is just full of fear and reacting to it....just some thoughts
glad you are happily residing in motherhood!

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