Tuesday, April 6, 2010

34 weeks and 2 days

Infertility alert, a pregnancy post....(much love)

A day of randomness and busyness.

It started with my scan- all good. She is still a girl, phew! Otherwise baby would be wearing a lot of pink! And everything is where it should be. She's chubby round the tummy but her head is average size (praise Jesus!)

Rupi and I played in a park near a cafe and I learnt just how fast he can run straight into the parking lot.... without listening to my "STOP"!! I also learnt that I can waddle at very high speed to go and get him!

I went to my last work meeting (hopefully) and dropped all the accounting reports at the accountant. Hopefully the business tangles will be sorted very soon!

Then to the midwife who thinks baby girl may be around 8 lbs at birth. That good? I think so bearing in mind that Rupi was over 12 lbs... I like my midwife. She's good for me, a "go with the flow" person who is opposite to me. I need someone like that. If she was like me, it would be like a military operation and not good at all.

And lastly introducing my lovelies.... new shoes. My first in 18 months! A world record for me. Normally I wear heels. I LOVE heels and don't like flats. However a 15 kg toddler and big tummy mean heels are a bit beyond me.

So here are my new shoes! And the combined cost of these cuties was half of what I used to pay for a pair of shoes...not too shabby.

So all in all 34 weeks is not too bad. Sore (par for the course) and hormonal (again par for the course) but otherwise happy as a clam.

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tea said...

It's amazing how fast those little guys can run, huh? ;)

Glad your baby is doing well. :)

FROGGITY! said...

i think 8 is a perfect size. wishing you all of the best. you are really moving along! she'll be here before you know it! :)

tea said...

Hey, Sammy! I posted a picture of the fried dandelions for ya! :)

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