Monday, April 12, 2010

I heart my husband

I adore my husband. To know him is to love him. He is a people magnet and everybody loves him. Me? Not so much! I can appear aloof and a bit snobby but I am just shy. He always appears as he is- warm and friendly, like a cosy blanket.

He has been endlessly supportive through my pregnancy. Through the very hormonal, irrational and sometimes insane moments he has just loved me and waited for me to see sense. He has continually told me that I look beautiful and I have believed him never feeling fat or ugly at all.

He is an amazing Dad and Rupi also adores him. Our favourite moment of the day is when we hear his car put into the driveway. We cram ourselves into the doorway and have long 3-way hugs and kisses. Rupi is then attached to his Daddy like a limpet for the evening.

He told me this weekend that he didn't want any pictures of Baby Girl taken in hospital. He did not want Rupi to feel like Baby Girl had something he didn't. After pausing for a moment I realised why. He's grieving like I did for the experiences we did not have with Rupi. Of course we will take pictures as Baby Girl deserves to have her special moments celebrated. But I love my hubbie's sensitive heart at loving Rupi so much and getting him.

He is also my birth coach! We are doing the Bradley method (hopefully- all things going well) and he is very into it. He reads the books and we practise every night. I trust him so much and can't imagine anyone else I would rather be with.

I am so proud to be his wife and I thank God for him all the time. He's wonderful!

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Simoney said...

Love that you love him so much; yes he is such a great bloke! Looking forward to Stuarday; hope you're feeling well. Any special requests???

Jessica said...

He sounds a lot like my husband, so sensitive and naturally warm and friendly. Also, his heart for Reuben and wanting to make sure he never feels different sound like my hubby as well.

We are blessed with great men!

These Three Kings said...

I ditto Simoney! I love that you love him as well!! That provokes me to be thankful for my hubbie. Thank you for being an example of Titus 2 from afar. I love that!!

tea said...

Great husbands are great!! I'm glad you're enjoying and appreciating yours. I heart my husband too! :)

Gail said...

Nice post Sammy! He is a cool-as guy!
Hope you're feeling well!! I've never heard of the Bradley method. Will have to look that one up!

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