Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things I did not realise I do...

I am taken by surprise when my son mimics the (obviously odd) little things I do. I see him doing them, think "oh how cute!" and then catch myself doing them later..... and realise that he's just copying me. And he's a boy, which has made the mimicking unexpected in a strange kind of way.
Some of the odd things I do:

  1. I breathe very loudly when putting makeup on.

  2. I sigh (again loudly) when driving.

  3. I make an "aah!" sound after taking a sip of water. (How annoying that must be to other people???)

  4. I say "Mmmmm" a lot

  5. I wave my free hand in the air and walk around when on the phone.

  6. I don't point something out once, I tap it a couple of times.

These are only the things I can remember (with my switched off/ on holiday brain at the moment). He's a mini-me! And the question I ask myself is what else is he picking up on? A scary thought!!!

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Simoney said...

Yes, that's a thought that keep all us mummies up at night!!! x

tea said...

I know, it is so crazy the things they pick up on. I've had the same thing happen with our son. ..And it is scary.

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