Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blossom-y goodness

Well I survived my week (ok, half a week). Friday was touch and go but I made it. The moment I hear hubbies car pull up is so very sweet. I can almost hear the hooves of his white horse as he gallops up the driveway to save the day!

Blossom is 17 days old today. I am learning about her and what makes her tick. She is very different to Rupi in every way. He was a lot bigger to start off with. On formula only (obviously). Like a clock with routine and thrived on it. She is more fragile and likes to be held. She is on breast milk with a bit of formula at night. Routine is more flexible with her. Just different and her own little person.

I am desperately trying to free her from expectation and comparison with Rupi. It's hard as he is all I know about babies but I feel it's so important to allow Blossom to be herself. Which is a unique little person made in the image of God. Not in the image of Rupi!

The danger is that we remember only the times when they were sleeping through, bang on routine and generally through all the hard work stages. I know I forget what it was like in the early days with Rupi as I forgot that he went cross-eyed like Blossom is doing at the mo. My friend M reminded me that I freaked out when Rupi did it as I am when Blossom does it. You can understand though can't you? Your baby's one eye wandering in another direction to the other....a little scary!

Where was I? Oh yes, sleep deprivation makes you forget things. Like your name and phone number. True story but that tangent is too long and windey.

So Blossom is just her own little person. And I refuse to start labelling her in comparison to Rupi. And won't allow others to either. So I am not applying words like "demanding", "hard", "not easy" etc to her.

She is cute and bright eyed, a Mommy's neck-cuddle-snuffler, a brother's love and a Daddy's princess.

She is Blossom (hear her roar!!! And quite a roar it is!)

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Amy said...

Oh Lovely! What a beautiful wee girl. Praying life is restored to harmony for you soon - enjoy these precious days :)

Simoney said...

Lovely photo Sammy. I love that neck snuffling. It's one of the best bits. Oh and the velvety downy little head which smells sooo good. Cluck cluck.

It IS really easy to forget the rough times with baby #1 when baby #2 is keeping us awake with her roar.

Just remember that you are a GREAT mother; you are no different to EVERY other mother that has walked this planet. EVERY baby is different, no matter how they come into our families.

And you have what it takes. As well as a bunch of friends who love you and are willing to help any way they can. Call me if you need a delivery of caffeine or chocolate :)

PS did you make it in yesterday? I didn't see ya.

Anonymous said...


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