Monday, June 28, 2010

Miss you like crazy

Tomorrow is two years from the day our hearts broke. The day you, my wonderful father-in-law went to be with Jesus.

I miss you so much still.

I miss you at times that are unexpected. One of of the two happiest days of my life, giving birth to Blossom, felt incomplete because you were not there. I sat on the hospital bed and my heart waited for you. Waited for you to walk in the room and hug me. For you to tell me how proud you were of me and take Blossom in your arms. You would have cried and I would have cried and you would have said 'You did good, girl".

I missed you then and miss you now.

I miss how amazing you would have been to Rupi and Blossom. That's what I miss the most. You were an incredible grandparent to my nieces. You were so hands on and I remember my heart aching watching you. Longing for you to be holding my babies. I would have trusted you with my precious babies totally and utterly.

You were a father in a million, a father-in-law without compare and a priceless grand father.

I miss you.

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Simoney said...

{hug hug}

Gail said...

He really sounds like such a wonderful person! Praying that you guys will feel God's loving arms around you tomorrow.x

tea said...

I'm so sorry, Sammy. He sounds like a great man.

God's comfort and peace to you and your family.
With love.

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