Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Comfort Zone

I like being made uncomfortable. Being jolted out of my comfort zone to see things from a different perspective. Hmm. I think I have been trained this way ("arf arf"- my trained seal noise) by our church. In a good way! We are constantly challenged and pushed gently guided out of our comfort zones. It's good and I like it.


Today I went to see a potential client. She is a trans-gender female. I knew this before going and as I had never met a trans-gender person before I was a bit nervous. I prayed as I drove, for my mind to be non-judgemental and for me to see who she really was.

I saw.

I saw pain. So much pain. I am not even going to write that I saw broken-ness because that may imply a judgemental mindset that I don't want. I saw pain. Pain shone out from her eyes. She only wanted a female designer as men have caused her such pain that she does not want a man in her home. Wow.

This is not the forum to for me to form an opinion on what this type of chosen gender means. I know what I believe and what God intended. I believe utterly in His Sovereignty and His plan in giving us our birth gender. This beautiful child of God chose a female gender as so much harm had been done to her as a male.

It was uncomfortable. And to push me even further out, the police turned up at one point to talk to her about an ex-flatmate.... Bye bye comfort zone.

As I drove off I realised how safe my existence is. I am sheltered and secure. I don't meet people like Z, I am just not in contact with them. I thank God for the chance to meet her. And I will pray for her. That God will touch her and show her that she is loved. Where she is. Right now. As she is, she is adored by a King.

And I thank Him for pushing me out my comfort zone. It's exhilarating out here!



mountain mama said...

amen! i love that. i love in a challenging situation you remembered to pray and to see this person the way God sees her. it's NOT easy to do!

there really is so much pain in the world and i too, feel like i'm in a nice little bubble sometimes away from it all.

God bless~

Gail said...

Awesome post Sammy - love your desire to see through God's eyes.

Perhaps you will be pushed to China too.....

Meghan at MNM's said...

Yay. God does definitely put us into situations to give us opportunities to live the 'What would Jesus do?'

I don't think I've always succeeded in moments like these when I've been given the opportunity.

But the great thing is that God's infinite love and grace gives us more opportunities even if we don't quite hit the mark sometimes :0)

Yay for the oppportunity to be a blessing into her life.

Tiffany said...

As always, you are an inspiration Sammy! Thank you for sharing this. It helps us all remember to see the PERSON first and love them no matter what. I'm sure you were a huge blessing to her and hope you can continue to be in the future.

Cat said...

Wow this is awesome Sammy
so good
real life
and that you could see the blessings of your own life and security, what a blessing
it is easier to judge than to see...and when we see, as you did, the pain that others live with, can we feel anything but grace and love?
If we believe in a sovereign God, then that God knows the broken heart of all and why it is we do the things we do...and Loves us the same
This I know to be true

Love and Light
thanks so much for sharing this amazing story

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