Monday, May 14, 2012

In my garden: May

We are really into simple living and natural eating. I have done a ton of research into nutrient dense food and would love to learn to grow my own food. Until we get to live on a little block of land I am honing my (non-existent) skills in our little suburban patch.

The Koanga institute is where I have learned a lot and ordered seeds, fertilizers and books. The institute is dedicated to saving New Zealand's heritage of seeds and simple. natural living.

This season we wanted to start small and grow learn to grow carrots, beetroot and onions from seeds. Our soil is clay based so we have improved it with Koanga's EF Active calcium and EF Natures Garden Fertiliser.

The carrots have done well! They are super easy, sew seeds into the soil and they grow. We chose the Oxheart variety as they are good in clay soil. We got a free packet of snow peas and these grew really well from seeds too.

Here is my little beetroot patch. The beetroots were so hard to grow from seeds and this was my third attempt. I choose the Chioggia variety as they are striped. That's the only reason (!)

Next to the beetroots are the onions. These are not from seeds as I gave up. They didn't even raise their heads out of the seed tray *sigh*. I bought seedlings which are the same variety as the seeds- Pukekohe.

This is a bit hit and miss and I am learning. But it's such fun and I can't wait to eat our own food!



Remaliah said...

Well done! I also can't wait to have some land to plant our own veges. This weekend I bought a planter box, some cherry tomato plants, basil and here goes...hoping they flourish!!!

Simoney said...

Oh look at you Farmer Sam!
I am so impressed.
I totally wanna come and eat your carrots/beets/onions in a stew/salad.
How cool are you guys???

Gail said...


Can I eat some of your garden goodness when we come home??? You're so clever. Me: I tried. I tried. But the garden was not my friend!

Elizabeth said...

We so want to head down that road also... just not yet ;-)! We keep putting it off; but one day soon!

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