Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We kept all our baby clothes. And with babies of different genders and born in different seasons, there is a lot. I am sentimental about the little clothes so wanted them to go somewhere special. One of my besties is having a boy after two girls and this was the perfect opportunity to 1. bless her, 2. give the clothes to someone I love, 3. see the clothes being used on another little being.

So I started sorting. My friend now has an entire wardrobe for her little boy. My children seem to have a lot of clothes (hmmm..)

It only hurt a little which is good. And that hurt is a normal hurt I think. The end of the "little baby phase" hurt.

Now to sort through the stack of girl clothes! Penny, come and visit soon!



Creating Childhood Memories said...

What a lovely idea to present the clothes to your friend in such a lovely way. What a blessing it will be for her to receive a bundle of clothes. You have given me inspiration for when I have to sort out all my little girl clothes soon and find a new home for them all. It is so sad, but nice to see the clothes being used again by close friends.

Gail said...

She will be SO blessed. And her boy will look so gorgeous.

I have kept a few little bits. It hurt a little to pass them on...... just a few favourite bits.
miss you xoxo

Cat said...


love and light

Rebecca said...

Love how you packaged it for them x

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