Thursday, August 30, 2012


**UPDATE: Thanks so much for the responses. I truly wasn't fishing for compliments but thank you for the kind words. I have never done something like this so was panicking a bit. Dida and the family think it's ok too so even though I think I look a bit odd, I am going with it!**

Dida is not home yet and no-one has answered the email I sent them 15min ago (what are they doing?) so I need to ask you...

Do I look like a chipmunk?

I finally did a photoshoot for the business- you know for website/ proposals etc. I chose a couple of photos including the one you will see in a tic. I wanted one where I was sitting and I thought this one was ok. Not so sure now, I think I look like I am storing food for the winter in my cheeks and that's not a great look when I am trying to win a project. Or is it? Maybe I could show how frugal I am "look I can store food in my cheeks i.e.. stick to a budget??"...

Please be honest! (And I cannot believe I am using my poor blog to ask this kind of question- lucky you are all so fabulous is all I can say...)

P.S. Be honest, I can take it.



Brenton said...

Uh no! You look slim, sophisticated, glamorous and gorgeous.

meg said...

That was me Meg

meg said...

Uh no! Slim, sophisticated, glamorous, friendly... Nothing like a chipmunk!

Neetz said...

I am being really honest when I say I think that's a gorgeous picture!! You wanna see food storage cheeks... check mine out!! ;) hehe.

I just called my 8 year old over and said..."what do you think of this woman Asher? Do you think she looks like a chipmunk?" and he said "Oh she looks really nice, really pretty and friendly"... so there you go, out of the mouths of babes :) (and he would have been the FIRST to say if you did indeed look like a chipmunk!!) hahaha.

remaliah said...!!! It's a beautiful photo! If you think you have food stored in your cheeks it wouldn't be enough for a small snack :) But I know when we see photos of ourselves we often see things that no-one else even notices. So honestly, I think you're not a chipmunk and it's a lovely shot :)

Johnny said...

Oh Sammy that's gorgeous! Your eyes look amazing and I love the colours in the outfit!
That's a fab pic and NO resemblance to a chipmunk at all!

Cat said...

very professional
not over stated
this is a perfect business photo!

ps you are beautiful♥

love and light

Elizabeth said...


You look gorgeous (sorry - a bit behind on my reading and commenting these days)!

Lovely to literally bump into you the other Sunday!

grace said...

you look stunning sammy

Catching the Magic said...

Oh wow - you look model perfect! You are so fortunate to have such young, full skin that radiates such beauty. And your eyes look amazing, combined with your gorgeous locks. This is stunning and would be right at home in a fashion magazine! Gorgeous Sammy!

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