Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the backseat

My love of blogging is suffering as we settle into this new phase of our lives- the nanny-free phase. It's good, really good. We miss Mel, but this new phase is good for us.

The stretch comes in trying to fit work into it all. So I find myself working almost every night for a couple of hours. I don't mind in the least, but it does not leave any time for blogging. Poor blogging is firmly in the back seat!

[So is reading and commenting on my favorite blogs. I love you muchly, even through there's a silence from my end!]

Today on Adventure Wednesday we visited the museum. Auckland has an amazing museum with free entry for Auckland residents. Woop! The children's ages mean that most of the experience is way over their heads but they did love it all anyway.

There is an incredible "Weird and wonderful" kids area, full of stuffed animals (the real ones), insects, fish and so much more. Some of it was totally gross to me, like the glass box full of cockroaches, but it was fascinating for the kiddies.

I got busted big time by one of the security people. You can't take ANY food or drink into the actual museum and I bought a coffee just before we went in. I stuck it down in the stroller storage unit knowing I was being a very bad person. I was happily sneaking sips when I was busted and endured a lecture in front of a bunch of about 400 Korean students. The shame.

I also realized that I am going to have to get with the program and start learning what things are and how they work. A "big picture creative style" is not going to cut the mustard with kids. For now I can mumble an answer to "what is that?"/ "how does that work?"/ "what is that called?" or even better make something up that sounds kind of right...but sooner or later someone is going to call my bluff.

In my defense, it's actually a skill to sound as if you know what you are talking about even when you have no idea, and one that I have used to great effect over the years in my career. It gives you the wriggle room to find out what you need to know. Possibly won't work with kids????



meg said...

We were at the museum today too! I get regularly stuck with not knowing stuff but I just say... "let's look that up and find out together". x

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

I used to LOVE going to that museum growing up - although the enduring memory of have is the bus ride from Papakura on our school trips which always made me feel so queasy!

I know what you mean about trying to fit the blogging in at the's been taking much more a back seat round here too.

Love your Adventure Wednesdays xx

Simoney said...

No that is the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT skill i use all the time... fake it til you make it! hehehe
I am a great bluffer.
Sound confident and then *google*

Lyns said...

Looks like a fun day, shame you got busted with your coffee!! Your kids have grown so much since I last saw you all.
My kids love the museum too. I give them a note pad and pencil and they just plop themselves down on the floor to draw pictures or copy words. xx

Neetz said...

We went to the museum not that long ago and the kids LOVED it..(I did too!) that kids area is fab isn't it? Um..shame on your undies (my son says that all the time).. about your coffee sneaking! haha.


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