Monday, August 27, 2012

here and there

Life is good. Crazy good, you know?

We are just ending a bout of coughing sickness with one kiddie catching it after the other. The type of coughing sickness that keeps them (and us) awake at night. After a couple of nights of it, I went out yesterday to escape Dida. Men do not cope, is all I am saying.

I am loving making the bunting for Rupi's 4th birthday party. I realise that his birthday is in November but I am a freak planner. I have a list of "to-do's" breaking the weeks down until the day. I am in heaven. Anyway, I have 83 double sided triangles of fabric ready to sew together- because I like to do things the hard way.

We are selling our house which is exciting. The market is good and it's time. That and we are exploding out the seams of this little house. The business and 4 people are mashed in a very small 3 bedroom house. Cosy in the extreme.

So we are doing a car boot sale at the school's garage sale to sell off stuff. I am washing all the baby/ kids clothing before selling it. Dida thinks I am nuts which is why I would really like someone to tell me they would do it too. I would not want buyers thinking we are stinky/ dirty people. And I am ironing it too...

Blossom had her first hair cut last week. I was mean and took her when she was sick, but in my defense I did not know. She sat on the chair weeping and crying for a cuddle with me. Stab me in the heart. She does looks amazingly cute though!





Simoney said...

oooh exciting about the house!
If the clothes were stinky I would wash them (iron them though? nah, not me); In your defense I think people are much more likely to buy/pay more for clothes that are beautifully washed and ironed than for musty crumpled sad-looking clothes. Tell Dida it's all part of the marketing strategy to maximise value.

Neetz said...

Awww she looks so cute! :) Yeah hindsight always manages to give you those "stabs" aye? I know that's happened a couple of times to me, I've been persistent about something, and they I have found out later have been unwell etc.. nevermind x

We've had our fair share of coughs and colds too...arrgh!

Gail said...

love the hair cut. xx

Elizabeth said...

Awww - so cute!

I have done the whole 'You must...', only to discover later there was a reason for the wailing!

I wash E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G... seriously! Even clothes lent to me by people who I KNOW would have washed them first, I still wash! But iron - nah!

Cat said...

freak planner lol

she is adorable

love and light

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