Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Panda was "sick" last week and had to be put to bed. In Rupi's spiderman t-shirt no less.

Last week was so humbling. I don't like to ask for help and don't like needing help. Last week though I needed help in big doses. It's the school holidays and we don't have a nanny anymore. And I work in my own business which means very little time off.

Someone in Rupi's birth family had promised to come and look after the kiddies for a couple of afternoons. Which was amazing. But they cancelled the week before the school holidays started and I was absolutely stuck.

So my family and friends rallied round. From Monday to Thursday for at least 3 hours each day the kiddies were looked after. They had the most marvelous week going on adventures with cousins and friends and family. And I got to work- even more than usual.

And as this post publishes we are away on holiday. 4 nights away- the first holiday since Blossom was born. In a tiny little holiday home with no electricity we will be warm and cosy by the fire. And I will be far away from the computer, crafting a tutu for Blossom over coffee...

Just so blessed!



Miriam said...

So glad you found support around you - I really feel for working parents in school holidays it's such a tricky balance xx

Neetz said...

Awww bless you guys. It's awful when you get let down and then have to quickly find last minute back ups right? (hugs). Enjoy your time away! Hope the weather stays nice for you guys too!

Cat said...

we need to know there are those we can count on
sometimes they need an opportunity to arise to let you know just how much they want to be there for us

I know you enjoyed your time away
blessings friend

love and light

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