Friday, October 12, 2012


We're back from a holiday in the middle of no-where. Far away from the internet and any kind of cell phone coverage. It was the best kind of time.

We put out the nets with little helpers to catch our dinner. All we caught was a big shag (a sea bird with a nasty hooked beak). We freed him and he chased us, hissing. I was petrified.

The bach (holiday house) is rustic and quaint. It's not to everyone's taste. But if you like the beach on right your door step, a cosy fire and no-one else for miles, it's the place for you.

We read books, watched movies on the iPad when it was too cold and windy to go outside and made tutus. Little girls then practiced their ballet moves. Pretty much perfection.

It was super cold, hat and fleece weather. Not very attractive but when you are miles from the anywhere who cares? Plus roomy jackets have more room to stash beach-walk snacks in.

Blossom added to the beauty of the place and Rupi made himself useful. Well, kind of!

Riding up the track en route to the toilet in your pajamas and helmet makes perfect sense here.

Until next time!



Cat said...

Oh so lovely Sammy
that is so my kind of place!
what a beautiful nourishing get away for you and your beautiful family

Love and Light

ps thanks for stopping by...
about that picture
I think it is the darkness with in the window that might have brought up the fear in it can in all of us when we can not see clearly
but the truth is there is nothing to fear but fear itself...all that was in there was emptiness and a dirt floor : )

Johnny said...

Oh lovely! Those really are the best kind of getaways! xx

Neetz said...

Lovely...times away with the family are so precious... looks like a fab time xx

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