Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Today is my last day of work. Because I have a great boss (myself) I have kindly given myself annual leave until the 7th January. I wouldn't work for me unless I had to as this is the first proper leave I have had since Blossom was born.

Anyway. I am super tired.

The kids have been home this week on school holidays so I have worked around them. Today they came with me to run some work errands and drop client gifts off. It was great mostly, apart from a few little boy meltdowns. I am learning not to base the success of an outing on Rupi's meltdowns. The inner city was bathed in Christmassy goodness, we loved it.

Bring on Jesus' birthday!!!!



Leonie said...

Yay for holidays! Hope you get a bit of rest! x

Miriam said...

cute, cute, cute photos xxx enjoy a break from that tough as boss you have!! ;-)

Meghan at MNM's said...

Love the Christmassy city you've captured :-) I know what you mean about being super tired..sheesh it's been a long year! I am also looking forward to finishing up on Friday till 7th Jan. And relaxing for me starts when we arrive in Hamilton on brain is still fizzing right now trying to make sure I don't forget to pack anything! Enjoy this precious downtime xx

tartankiwi said...

Have a wonderful holiday Sammie! You deserve it.

Elizabeth said...

Enjoy your holiday friend... relax, rejuvanate and refresh!

Then come back revived... on a roll ;-)!

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