Saturday, December 8, 2012

little bites of happy

Little boy hand picked flowers just for me. Although I can't actually have them, they have live in his schoolbag (?)

Little girl offerings to the printer gods

She finally "got" toddler ballet and utterly loves it. Yes this is actually one of her ballet moves... it's called the "crouch down and spring up"...

Ice creams on the beach together on a rare sunny Auckland November Saturday (note drip on the chin- he just lurves "dalilla" ice cream!!)

Putting dolly and lion to sleep and then sleeping on top of them- Plunket would have a heart attack!

Happy weekend friends!!!



Leonie said...

Delicious gorgeousness :) great seeing you and your poppet yesterday xx

Miriam said...

they are just beautiful xx

Cat said...

Ssshhhh don't tell Plunket but my kids slept on their tummies ;;))
I love hand picked flowers -
And I loved seeing you yesterday and chatting
See you soon my closet crafting crochet chic

Simoney said...

gorgeousness. that rose. so purty

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