Sunday, December 9, 2012


Cat (from Catalina's cottage) is a new IRL friend. And I like her a whole lot!!!! She is warm and funny and has such a soft heart. She wants to create a community of bloggers in Auckland and has gone about making her vision happen. And yes, it's all happening with warmth and inclusion and lots of fun.

This is the latest gathering. We met at a child friendly cafe and as expected had  we all had such a good time. I have never met a blogger I didn't like and this was no different!

 This is me, ha! With my little darling, of course.

 Sarann from "I Bequeath Love" and Simoney from "Great fun for Kids"

Leonie from "Sunshine x3", Rachel from "Heart and Crafty" and Cat from "Catalina's Cottage"

So, if you are in Auckland (or near enough!) and looking at the photos feeling a bit left out/ uninvited/ lonely.... you are invited to a dinner in January 2013. Pop along to Cat's blog and email her or leave a comment. She'll add you to the list and you will get details of when and where.

We will be loud, eat a lot, laugh even more and generally have a wonderful time and I would LOVE to have you there!



Leonie said...

It was a great morning! Loved seeing you all and looking forward to the dinner!

Miriam said...

awesome!! Love those bloggy get togethers! :o)

Simoney said...

It was nice wasn't it? I really feeling like I made a new friend xx

Cat said...

It was def a lovely morning - loved it - ;)
And thank you for the kind words xxx
I'm still smiling - you my dear are officially a crafter!!!

Widge said...

Oh man! Wish I could come!!!! Love seeing all you guys together too cool

Cat said...

speaking of bloggy hookup
thought you would like this

love and light

Cat said...

sammy could you send me your mailing addy?

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