Wednesday, February 13, 2013

bad and good

September 2010

Bad news: my Dad has grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer (evil aggressive fast growing cancer in an advanced stage)
Good news: this cancer is highly researched due to it's devilish nature so there are more treatment options

Bad news: my Dad starts radiotherapy and chemotherapy later this month
Good news: the clinic is in the top 5 clinics world-wide in treating this condition

Bad news: my Dad's cognitive abilities are affected
Good news: he thinks he's fine

Bad news: he has a 50% chance of surviving 14 months
Good news: he has utter belief that he will be one of the 50% who makes it

Bad news: I am an insomniac
Good news: tequila sunrises and sleeping pills = good nights rest

Bad news: My Dad is grumpy and belligerent
Good news: this is normal (!)

Bad news: my sisters and I are struggling
Good news: my aunt arrives on Sunday from South Africa for 5 weeks followed by another aunt

Bad news: my Mom is also stage 4 terminal lung cancer
Good news: she is responding well to the current chemotherapy

Bad news: this is all horrible
Good news: we have a faithful God who has promised us an eternity with Him

Bad news: how the heck did this happen to us?
Good news: I have amazing friends (this means you, thank you for being awesome x)



jacksta said...

♥ no words just cyber love ♥

PaisleyJade said...

Flip Sammy! Praying for you all! xoxo

These Three Kings said...

SAmmy!!! I have missed sooo much of whats going here on your blog and with your family!! I am praying for your family!! I love you. I promise to stop by more often.. I'm back blogging on Blogger for a trip I'm taking to Thailand.
love you friend!!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Oh precious one. I love that you can still see the positive in spite of the desperateness of the situation. Fear and faith are present in our lives every day - it's the one we choose that rules our life. Bless ya heaps and big hugs xx

Widge said...

Oh Sammy. Man!! I just don't know what to say/type, whatever.
love you girl xxx

Leonie said...

Big bugs and hold on to these positives . Thinking of you all xx

Miriam said...

when I walk through that valley where death's shadow slings low I will not fear because you are with me, right beside me in the midst of that dreadful place, close enough to touch

may you feel the warmth of His breath on your face in that horrible valley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monica Williams said...

Oh Sammy, am praying and thinking of you again. You have been given so much to deal with, it seems unfair! Hoping you get some moments of peace in all the chaos. Lots of love. xx

Gail said...

love and prayers in abundance, friend.

Thankful for our God who IS our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.... He is ever present - and I just pray that you, Nikki and Penny will continue to seek the good out, and seek Him out.

Standing in prayer and combat with you. Love you.

Elizabeth said...

Wishing there was more that I can do... prayers seem so inadequate.

Sending you love and hugs and LOADS of prayers.

Simoney said...

I knew this but seeing it all written down.

All I can say is LOVE YOU (and we are working on a plan to make sure you and hubby get a night/afternoon out SOON)

P.S. Love the way you wrote it

grace kay said...

Good news - He who called you is faithful. He will see you through Xx

Cat said...

Love You xxx

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