Friday, February 13, 2009

91 days

91 days ago a little boy came home. God knew where he was meant to be and even though he didn't start life at home, he was always meant to be here, home with us. God picked us for each other.

The last 91 days have been the happiest of my life. I am transformed and wake every day with a song in my heart. Yes, we still face many challenges but I am the barren woman who sings. I am Sarah who laughed. God heard my cry and I am a mother.

Rupi is an utter joy. He is so happy and is completely and utterly attached and bonded to us. This little man is someone I will love with all my heart forever. He is my son and I am his mother. There were times I thought I would never have the chance to say those words. I am Rupi's mother. I am Rupi's MOTHER!

I am so grateful. The gratitude never stops. Today I lifted him out of the cot after his nap and tears poured down my cheeks as I thanked God for him. One of the meanings of his name is "renewer" and that is so true.
My little miracle is 15 weeks and 4 days old today. Here he is! Gorgeous and scrummy and delicious.

I love you Rupi, I love you so much.

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Nikkey said...

Beautiful boy ... so happy for you and Michael. So wonderful that he is able to "renew" and heal you day by day.

Lena said...

Awww, he is so adorable!! I could just eat him up! what a blessing kids are.

Rebecca said...

He is so yummy!

Penny said...

Such a beautiful boy! What an answer to prayers! God is good. He knew all along that you were Reuben's mother. xxx

Simoney said...

He is so gorgeous Sammy! Wow; once again I read and get goosebumps! xxx Luv ya!! xx

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