Friday, October 2, 2009

7 wks and 5 days

I haven't even blogged about my scan yet and a week on I am 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant! I am a bad bad blogger! I am not posting any of my pregnancy posts on this blog until 12 weeks and haven't been blogging much on the other blog so the silence must be deafening...!


The scan last Friday (6 weeks and 5 days) went well!

I was terrified and so was my poor doctor. We were all holding our breath and while I changed and lay down behind the curtain I was hyperventilating. My hubbie said they could hear this fast heavy breathing from behind the curtain but no-one was in any frame of mind to laugh. It was TENSE.

He found the egg sac and then... I saw a flicker at the top left. I asked if that was the heart beat and the doctor said yes. I just started sobbing.

The little bean was (must be bigger than that now) 6.8mm. Amazing. I got two pictures which was so great- not that you can actually see anything on the photo. Still that white blob in the corner is a little bean!

It was surreal and I had a grin splitting my face in half on the way out. We went for coffee and just absorbed this momentus news. I think my hubbie is starting to believe that this may just happen. I think it will!

I am feeling yucky but so glad to be feeling this way. I have an unhealthy attraction to rice (anything made of rice, cooked with rice or with rice as an ingredient) at the moment and am hoping it will pass....

Next scan is Monday (8 weeks and 1 day) and if all is well we graduate from the fertility side of the clinic. We think we may stay there with one of their obstetricians. But we'll think about that on Monday afternoon!

Yay! I am pregnant!

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