Monday, October 26, 2009

11 weeks and 1 day


Feeling a lot more human which is nice. Must say, the secrecy is starting to kill me. All these posts are in draft form and I just want to publish them and get on with it! However my hubbie is adamant, 12 weeks and THEN we go public. Alrighty then.

I had another scan last week which went well so I am pretty relaxed now. I was a bit (!) scared before the scan, but once I saw the little heartbeat I cried (as usual) and was ok.

No more blood thinner injections or any other kind of medication. Lovely! I have more energy now. I wonder why our western view of medicine separates our body into pieces? Eastern medicine views us as a whole which makes more sense to me. It did not even occur to me than thinning my blood would sap me of energy. Duh. My body was having to work harder to get enough goodness around my body as the blood was all watery.

Anyway. This is a total ramble of a post. Will toodle before more meaningless waffle comes out of my head....!

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