Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9 weeks and 2 days


The last scan went well and my doctor had tears in his eyes. Probably so relieved to see the back of me (kidding!) I have been a patient for 4 years and the stats show that 80% of women are pregnant 2 years after becoming a patient so my finally falling preggers was a cause for celebration! I have now graduated from the fertility clinic. Gulp. Cast off into the sea of pregnancy without a clue. I think I am used to being told what to do, when and how with this whole fertility deal. I can no longer think for myself.....

Anyway, searching for an obstetrician and then I WANT ANOTHER SCAN. Just because. I am used to them and blood tests and pills etc. The freedom I have currently is a tad overwhelming.

We still haven't told many people. My hubbie wants to wait until 12 weeks although if my play boy bunny chest and swollen stomach doesn't give it away I don't know what will... The only thing in our favour is that it's not expected. We haven't been "doing a cycle" publicly. The reaction from the people we have told has been comical. A stunned look emerges as they try to take in the words we have just said, they ask us to repeat ourselves and then ask if it was natural. Pretty much the standard response. I am generally laughing by the end of the conversation at which point the person we have just told is doing some kind of victory dance. Very cute.

Must admit I am feeling horrendous. Pretty much permanently and severely hung over (for those of you with a PAST like ourselves that involved lots of drinking!) . I cannot eat enough and LONG for hot salty chippies. I would camp out at McD's if I could. I am trying to control myself but people, it's not pretty!

Other than that I am HAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY. And very very grateful. Yessah. That about describes me....feeling yuck, happy and grateful!

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