Wednesday, December 2, 2009

16 weeks and 3 days

I am seriously popped now! And it may be because the little bean is now the size of an avocado! Yikes! And (apparently) is going to double in size over the next 3 weeks.... ouch.

Had a lot of stretching and aching as all the scar tissue starts to expand. But it seems to be normal and hurts less than I thought. I have only had to use Panadol once- woohoo!

I finally went for my bloods this morning and visited my friend B at Labtest in Milford who is nice and gentle. It was lovely to see how glad she was to see me and that it's all going well so far. I thought I had better go as I see the midwife next Monday and she gave me the blood forms a month ago!

Trying to slow down and appreciate this amazing time. Just so grateful.

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Simoney said...

I still can't get over it, Sammy. Whenever I think of it I get those fuzzy chills all over. So so so happy for you. By the way, do you want first dibs on what remains of my preggy gear? xx

Gail said...

Feeling your joy Sammy. Takes me back..... so cool.

These Three Kings said...

How exciting! I cant keep up with you. I went to the other blog looking for you and found you here. LOL
I must add this to my blog roll. I need to know how you are doing!
love ya!

Lord, may your grace carry this pregnancy to completion. Amen

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