Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little tradition

I love traditions. I grew up with lots and birthdays and Christmas' were such amazing times. I also grew up in an Anglican church and just loved the traditions around Easter and Christmas. Say what you like about Anglicans (fair to say I cannot agree with the liberal stance the church has here and in South Africa) but they have an awe and reverence for God through tradition that I just love.

One of the Christmas traditions we started is to get a new beautiful and special ornament for the tree each year. Off we go (and no looking at the price!) and choose one. So how much fun has it been to include Rupi in that tradition! We plan to buy him his own ornament each year and one day he and the little bean will have their own tree. Then when they leave home they take their own special stash of ornaments with them for their own home. I can picture Rupi's wife just loving seeing the ornaments her wonderful husband has had since he was a baby (happy sigh!)

Last year I got a little stuffed reindeer for him from Starbucks (where else? Oh happy place of mine! BTW NOT impressed with how they have run out of gingerbread and toffee nut syrup across the board!!!!! I wait all year, people! ALL YEAR! They need to estimate the demand better... seriously.)

Anyway. Where was I?

Oh yes, here is last years ornament. Cuteness personified!

This year we made an outing of it and went for an early morning coffee and muffin at Jones the Grocer in Newmarket. YUM! Go and have their coffee and food if you are in Auckland! What a treat. Across the road is Christmas paradise at the Christmas shop. They have a huge room with the lights off and lit by millions of fairy lights. It has tons and tons of Christmas trees all done up with different colours and themes. Every kind of ornament and decoration you can imagine. I just LOVE it there.

While I chose our Christmas ornament my hubbie "helped" Rupi pick his. Very masculine and a teeny bit scary... those teeth! But that's what Daddies are for, to help sons choose stuff that Mommies would not. So good.

I love the traditions we have. For another great post on traditions, have a look at Tea's blog! I heard Ian Grant from Parenting Inc say once that family traditions help keep kids out of gangs. Families with strong traditions make gangs less attractive as a primary draw card for gangs are their strong traditions and rules. Interesting!

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FROGGITY! said...

i just love hearing about family traditions at christmastime. so wonderful! what a sweet thought about your little one's future wife. so cute.

curious about the anglican church, i don't know much about it since it isn't very prevalent here in the states. we have struggled (personally as a family) with different denominations of our church (presbyterian) and their stances on things... we're so comfortable down here in our current church, don't know what we'll do in the future!!

sorry for that aside, i am full of chattiness with this bedrest. :) anyhow, take care and merry, joyful christmas!!!!

tea said...

I love this idea of getting ornaments each year,especially to build a collection for a child. It's something we haven't done, but I would like to.
Thanks for sharing! And thanks for linking to me! Wow, I was surprised! :)

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