Sunday, March 14, 2010


We have spent the weekend with these little mites. They are the cutest things. They attempt to mother Rupiand sit and play with my hair while I stick glitter butterfly clips in theirs. They live out in the sticks near a huge lake with a big dog- this adds up to space and running and freedom. Bliss.

They are Rupi's cousins and we had the best time with them and their Mommy and Daddy. Daddy was a famous rugby league player and knows everything about sport. I try to hide my extreme lack of knowledge on this area when around him, haha!!! They are wonderful amazing people with a relaxed and loving house. Daddy made his gourmet pizzas for us on Sat night and we watched movies and chilled out. And their Mommy, my hubbie's sister, is the only one who has felt baby girl move other than us. So special!

There is nothing quite like family!

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red ticking said...

ok... who wouldnt fall in love with these darlings! and that tummy???? LOVE IT.
blessings to you... xo

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