Monday, March 1, 2010

Happiness is...

We went to a party on Sat night and I did a LOT of standing and even some dancing. We left a bit early because baby girl was kicking me so much (think the music was too loud) and I felt like I was going to lie down and die.


I have strained myself in places no-one should and I am not going to explain how much I hurt and where. Let's just say it's a girl thing.

So today I got myself one of these. It's a belly belt and it feels so much better. When will I learn that I am pregnant and can't cavort around like normal?

I got the belly belt at my favourite shop. It's the shop that used to make me die inside as an infertile and I still can't quite walk in and feel like I belong. But the sales staff are so nice and the clothes are so lovely and they fit! It's not cheap so I shop when they are on sale which is a whole 2 times since I got pregnant.

So really I have a dress (heavily discounted as a birthday present and oh so lovely), 2 tops (got 70% off- go me!) and a belly belt. No-one would call me a regular customer now would they?

Anyway, I was in there today pleading for a belly belt and I saw these!!!! I found them on the internet and was going to order one around the 8th month. They look fabulous and supposedly help you after birth to get all the muscles and what-nots sucked back into where they should be. I am liking it. Like a huge stretchy bandage...!

So for the price of this in US$ I can get it without postage costs in NZ$. Yay! I was very happy. AND this shop has bras that lift AND separate. Because to be honest, I am hating the maternity bra I have and sneak in the odd occasional wearing of my friend the forbidden under wire bra. For those times when I do not want to appear that I have one solid shelf of a chest...

So I am happy and my nether regions are happy and my tummy will be happy after birth. One huge happy family!

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Janna said...

Yey for being more comfortable!!!

I wanted to let you know, I'm posting my infertility stuff on a new blog - you can link to it from my name.

Joyeful said...

Oh I hear ya, I hear ya!!! I need a belly belt!! Actually, I just need the baby OUT of the belly at this point! Lol! This post made me laugh! Glad you're feeling more comfortable, though, that is so important : )

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