Sunday, March 7, 2010


[My beautiful infertile friends may wish to skip this post. I think I'll post a warning when I think a post is too much as I know I am in the "hard phase" for someone to see who's going through infertility. You know, the heavily pregnant and newborn phase....]

This is incredible. We have loved this whole pregnancy and are still overwhelmed with thankfulness that we get to do this. Who would have thought? Not us, that's for sure!

We have relaxed more and more as we have progressed without any worry (thank you God and my amazing body!) and are thoroughly loving each moment.

Now that the end is in sight we are trying to appreciate every second. After all it's highly unlikely I will be here again. With Rupi , God broke through. His name means "restorer" and God truly restored. With this baby girl, God gave us an abundance. This is the cherry on the top and the high note.

I stare at my bump in awe. And the feeling of having her move inside me is indescribable. It is one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. She moves! A little person moves inside ME. The so-called barren one!

My heart just sings!

And while we wait and appreciate and cherish, this little man brings us such joy. A determined, methodical, Mommy and Daddy's boy, who fills the house and our hearts to bursting point.

We are so blessed!

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FROGGITY! said...



Gail said...

It is incredible!

Simoney said...

Chills. Shivers. Tingles. That's what I get when I read your posts, filled with joy. I am soooo rejocing with you guys! xx

Andrea said...

Feeling the baby move was by far my most favorite moment(s) of pregnancy. It is a beautiful thing. So happy for you!

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