Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting ready and shutting my ears

Boy, there is a lot of negativity about labour and birth around. I don't think people even realise how negative they are (I know they don't mean to be).

Add that to the negativity spoken about the transition from one child to two... and I have decided to shut my ears.

  1. I am not going to allow my midwife to talk a level of pain she describes as "agony" into my labour.

  2. I am not going to have a ginormous baby and struggle to birth her.

  3. I am not high risk and will automatically be induced.

  4. Labour is not horrendous for everyone.

  5. Rupi is not going to regress in all areas due to another child.

  6. I will be able to cope with two children and my little business.

This is a blessing, not a curse! I never thought I would be here and refuse to have all the joy sucked out of the experience.

Yes, baby girl is big at 3.8kg (estimated) already. But as a friend said, bigger babies help birth themselves and cope better after birth.

Yes, labour may be hard but I want to start out thinking that I can do this!

Yes, we will have to make room for Rupi to adjust, he's just little. So making room is about providing one-on-one time for him and some new things to make life special for him. We got him a little slide today and he loves it. Super cute!


I am so excited about the next couple of weeks. Imagine! Barren girl with TWO children!!!! How wonderful is our God?!?

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Simoney said...

Sammy, I am totally with you on this one!

You do that, shut your ears to the negative.

Let me tell you, from MY experience, birthing NATURALLY a 4.04kg baby girl (my FIRST natural) was not agony. It was painful, yes, and LABOUR (i.e. hard work) but I found that as each level progressed I could cope and it was actually nowhere near as bad as I'd imagined. I listened to my midwife and didn't even come away with nasty tears. AND my little guy at home was only 20 months. And he accepted her and loved her straight away. there was NO jealousy - they were too close in age. he just ACCEPTED that she's always been there because he couldn't remember anything different.
Having another baby added into the family is a blessing. The hardest transition is going from 0 to 1.
I.e. from NO baby, to having your first one to care for.
After that, it's all downhill, because you have now got something called EXPERIENCE.

You are wise to think of some special things for Reuben, that's wonderful. Keep believing that he is totally going to love his new sister. And you are totally going to get through labour and come out the other side feeling like superwoman. Truly, that's how you feel.
Cos if you can get something THAT BIG through somewhere SO SMALL you must be made of STEEL!
Big hugs.
So excited for you.

tea said...

Sammy, I'm so glad you're choosing not to let others steal the joy of this time away from you. God will be your help and your strength to have this baby and I pray that he blesses you with a wonderful birth experience. ..And also that he will bless the transition time for all of you.

Gail said...

Yep! Shut those ears - this is your experience, no one elses. I got so fed up with all the what ifs etc.

Can't wait to meet her!
I loved Rueben's face on Sunday - such a cutie - so searching you guys out in the row!

IrmaOrbison said...

Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

Amy said...

How exciting. Nothing can prepare you for how it will feel. The pain is such a tiny part of being swamped by such a wave of joy. I do not even wince when I remember birthing my three. I do remember reaching for them though, warm and searching as they were brought out into the light. Welcome baby my brain spoke the words into the quiet space between us, come to your mummy. You are right not to dwell on anything other than what is pure. For the day when it all unfolds will be like nothing you could have prepared yourself for, no matter how many times you do it, birth is miraculous. I am praying for you as I promised, as you walk into this, your next birth story. Everything else falls into place as you fall in love. And Reuben? He will be delighted, for that is what we will pray. Oh, and they told me Maddison was a whopper at 38 weeks. Huge, they said, enormous great big elephant child. Ha! She was smaller than Mackenzie by a whole pound! Sometimes, sometimes, they get it wrong :) Thank God.

Andrea said...


I am so excited for you!! I can't believe it is almost time :)

Personally, LOVED every part of labor, birth, the hospital stay....I loved it all and couldn't wait to do it again! It all seemed like such a gift--even down to the yummy ice cubes that were crunchy, but not too hard!! :) I have such fond memories....

Anyway, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to see pictures of your precious peanut! And praying for many many blessings until then!

Thanks for checking in on me ;)


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