Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The price?

What is the price of honesty when blogging? Is there a price too high to pay? Some would say yes, I guess. And some would say no.

Honesty and openness inspires me. This post by McMama's husband is brutally honest. This couple have come under huge fire in the blog world. They have never pretended to be anything other than they are- mortal and imperfect Jesus lovers and the enemy has come against them with a vengeance. They must be onto something good for God!

Another incredible open and honest person is Nicole. She rocks. Her posts are raw and real. You see right into her heart.

I used to be a very open person, very honest I suppose. But life wore me down and reactions to things I shared put me off. So I withdrew and now only share parts of me. My fault? 100% yes.

We don't always get the reaction we expect when being open and honest. And that should not stop us. King David was open and honest and suffered for it. He was mortal and imperfect. And yet, was called a man after God's heart. I think it was partly because of his honesty in not hiding himself from man and from God.

So my challenge (to me) is to be more open and more honest. And have no fear of man's reaction or consequence!

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PaisleyJade said...

You are so right - I too have been so wounded by others opinions that I have stopped sharing mine when I know it may cause a stir. Thanks!

Gail said...

That's good stuff Sammy. Fear of man sucks. Pride sucks. The enemy sucks.

I love honesty and REALNESS. I often am to wary of what others think - but if I want both of those things then I need to be both of those things too.

You're cool chicky!

Simoney said...

Good challenge there, Sammy. I'm one who tries to keep it real, but in balance, i.e. not slagging off someone etc. I am honest about ME and where I'm at. I don't have the right to hang out somebody elses' dirty laundry. I guess for me that's where I draw the line.

For you, you just have to find where you are comfortable.

It's scray airing our failures and flaws, but I think it's incredibly powerful if done right. People can so relate to our struggles and it helps them open up and connect with other stuff we are saying.

Rory keeps warning me that sometimes I might some reactions I don't like (.i.e mean comments, I guess?)
So far the meanest one I had was when I wrote about my Halloween dilemma. And it wasn't really that mean, so no harm done (it just made me mad for a bit).

In the end I spose you COULD make your blog private, but then you may limit people from reading it who really need to.

I guess it's a chance you have to take.
be brave Sammy, you know God has you doing this blog for a reason. You are awesome, don't fear!

These Three Kings said...

Oh girl..yes..being honest is so hard..I hear all the time about the fire MacMama is under..what a mess...But God is Sovereign..I use to struggle so much with man pleasing. I still do at times but the Lord reminds me fast of Matthew 10:28- Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather be afraid of the ONE who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Being real and honest does something to your soul. There is so much freedom that awaits you..lets remind each other of this

love you!

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