Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beyond awesome

This weekend we had our women's conference. Forget every image you have of a woman's conference and imagine this: about 800 women ALL worshiping God together. The sweet sound drove me to tears. The teaching was incredible and we were super spoiled.

This was our gift. Hello sterling silver Tiffany&Co. Oh my.

We had our amazing senior pastor and Sam Evans and Lisa Bevere preach. LISA BEVERE people. Yup, THE Lisa Bevere a.k.a. lioness, bringer of the Word and she of the "take no prisoners, stand up and fight" fame. Aside from her mind blowing Spirit-led teaching, if I can look half as good at 50 years old as she does, I will be one happy woman.

I got her book "Lioness arising" and cannot wait to get into it. (Fear not, "Mrs B in China", I got you a copy too and Meg and I are working on getting you the other something special we all got. Hey, will be like you were truly there!)

I know I rabbit on about our church but I can't help it. We are so blessed to be part of Equippers. If you are in a town where there is an Equippers, you NEED to come along. Unless of course, you are a part of a lovely church already. But then your church could be friends with our church and you can STILL come to EquipHer conference!

As I may have mentioned before, we were put in touch with Sweetpea when she was pregnant via our church. So the connections are strong. It's got even better. Sweetpea's family are joining the new Equippers starting up in the town Rupi was born in. Blood family becoming church family.

This weekend Sweetpea's Mom came along to the conference. And this morning she sat with us in church. It was wonderful. Half way through the service Rupi was on her knee. I could feel her heart expanding with sheer joy. Happiness was beaming out of her in waves. I loved it, it was super cute.

I love that this is normal. And I believe it's the church we are in that enables this. We are challenged and loved and encouraged and supported. Constantly pointed towards Jesus. And that makes the impossible possible. The implausible plausible. We see Him everywhere we look. And now the circle is completing. Birth family and adoptive family. In a peaceful loving relationship, under the same roof. Blows my mind.



PaisleyJade said...


Simoney said...

WOW, that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

This bought tears to my eyes. How wonderful.

Catherine said...

*smiles* you made me smile a thank ful smile xxx

Gail said...


I literally went *GASP* when I read the title and then *DOUBLE GASP SQUEAL* When I read the next line.

CHOOOO-EEEE!! (Samoan squeal!)

Wow - and How phenomenally awesome re: Sweet Pea's family. Awesome.

Gail said...

P.S. so jelly cause I know how amazing it would have been.


Meghan at MNM's said...

The conference sounded AWESOME alright. And the fact that there is these amazing relationships being created between families is for sure the work of a good and loving God..wonderful xx

Rebecca said...

Fantastic!! & I love hearing about the relationship Rupi has with his birth parents too...smiles!! A very loved little boy xox

Gail said...

Dearest.... I will find some special trinket for you and Simoney, regardless. x

Anonymous said...

Hey Sammy
thanks for the comment yesterday and so glad you hooked up with Amy...she is indeed a precious wonder!!

love and light

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