Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lose it or bust

Yeah so I am on a diet. Have been for 19 days (and 16 hours and 40 minutes, not that I am counting). It was getting to the point where disguising my middle and bottom was no longer hiding the spread and Dida was making remarks about the roundness of my face.

The final straw was Dida's remarks about how much thinner we looked in a photo- taken 11 weeks after Blossom's birth. Righto then. If I am now larger than straight after giving birth, maybe its time to do something. Point taken.

I decided on the Dukan diet. After all it worked for the Duchess and her family before THE wedding. And I know someone who looks like a different person after 6 months on this particular diet. He raves about this diet so I thought I would give it a go.

I have managed to convince my sister to come on it with me. This was a master stroke, if you don't mind me blowing my own horn. My sister is the bomb- researcher. I am not. She has researched tips and recipes and emails me constantly with them. Love it. And its so nice to whine to someone about the restrictions. My texts to her are rather more dramatic than hers of course and involve words like "dying", "losing will to live", "help me Jesus" etc.

The diet is basically low carb, low sugar and high protein. The diet creator reckons this is what French woman eat to look so good. Well, I can't say I am loving it but I am reaping the results. 3kg down so far and nearly half way. My sister has lost over 4kg and has been on it a week less than me- she's doing very well.

Its been 19 days since I ate chocolate, a muffin, biscuit, cake or chippies. There are moments when I want to weep with the longing but I am determined. I think you really need a goal as any diet is hard work. I have a giant birthday coming up in November and that's inspiration enough.

If anyone is ever keen I have a spreadsheet with the diet fundamentals. And you go on this website to work out how long you need to be on each stage. I haven't even read the book, which I am not saying is a good thing, but you can do it without the book.

Here's to another 3kg!



Widge said...

wow 19 days is impressive!
I so understand the whole "being bigger than straight after giving birth" part. For some reason I loose weight really quickly after having babies but then as soon as I stop feeding it creeps back on...I'm about as heavy as I am 6mnths preggy right now. fun times.
might go check out your link!!

Sammy said...

Hey Widgey, let me know if you want the spreadsheet xx

Catherine said...

Sammy - welcome to the Dukan club!
3 months and I fell off the wagon when Philosopher got measles and then when Tsunami got chicken pox and well now Philosopher has just got chicken pox - so I'm struggling
BUT I LOVE Dukan - beware of smelly underarms, dry mouth etc but it rocks !! !! !!

jennohara said...

Way to go!! Very impressive! I'm pretty dramatic too when it comes to dieting. "I dont think I'll make it...go on without me!"

Leonie said...

um... Sammy, can I please say, there is NO WAY you need to lose weight!! you are totally gorgeous!! just had to say it!!! xx

Sammy said...

Thanks Leonie but I am a master of disguise. I hide my middle very very well. Floaty is my friend and always has been!
Thanks though, really kind of you xxx
And see you next SAT- woohoo!

Sammy said...

Hehe Catherine, nice to know someone else is feeling the pain!!

Anonymous said...

"There are moments when I want to weep with the longing"
Oh how I know this to be true!!!!!
Stay the course Sammy you can do it and all that longing will be worth is in the end
no matter what
you are beautiful!

love and light

ps thanks for the comment in my space the other day love that you came by

tea said...

Sammy, I admire you for taking the step. All of my jeans are getting too tight, and I know I should do something (probably get more excersize), but I haven't even managed to work up the will power to stick to anything. It's so hard to have that discipline.

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