Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I don't care

I don't care if the way I bring my kids up is contrary to the way others do it. The family drama I am having is because we discipline in a way that others find too weak. And then my boy was disciplined in a way that is foreign to us and that's unacceptable.

I don't care. Because when I read about Ava and her Mama all I want to do is hold my precious little ones. Love them and hold them tight. Ava went to be with Jesus a couple of years ago and her mother misses her so much. I can't comprehend the loss and honestly, I don't want to even try.

My heart and expectations are caught up in these small people. And as much as I try to surrender those dreams to my God, they still capture my heart. I dream of this day and that day, far in the future and I smile.

So I don't care if people around me think we are too soft. My children are miracles and too precious to feel the back of my hand. I thank God for every day with them for each day is priceless.

Ava's Mama, Sheye, asks us, in the month of Ava's remembrance, to hold our babies a little closer. Love them and cherish them. Tell them that they are wonderful and that you love them. And I will. In the best way I can and with all that I am.



Elizabeth said...

Honey - your little family, your rules... and that really should be that.

Hope things sort themselves out for you soon though, dramas are stressful and no fun for anyone :-(!

tea said...

I'm sorry for the judgement you're feeling from others about the way you've chosen to discipline. I'm glad you're not letting it change what you feel is best. Every parent and child is different, and God fits us together as families. Each family is different and has different needs. You and your husband are the parents that God has chosen for Rupi and Blossom, and you are the ones he has intrusted with their discipline and care - no one else. You're a good mama! ♥

Gail said...

Man, that is a hard bridge to cross! Pray that you've all come to a solid understanding of where the boundaries sit - who and where!!. We've had times when we have had to step in and tell others that it's our job not theirs, with our kids. I guess I always assumed that people would know that, but it's not always the case!! Hard.

You're an awesome Mamma, Sammy. I love your passion and lioness passion. Hold tight to what you know is good and true for your family - what He has imparted to you to follow through on!

I love how God has room for all families in their various shapes, sizes, cultures - way of doing things. He is good like that!! xx

Anonymous said...

Stick to your guns, Sammy...YOUR family, YOUR rules. Others may not like it, but it's their problem and not yours! We used to have a problem with Pudge biting, and I would give him time-outs. Then he did it to my mother-in-law...and she bit him back! Wow it made my blood boil. I think it was the first time I've ever stood up to her about anything. I said "We DO NOT BITE BACK, EVER, don't you dare bite him again!" She was shocked, and for a moment I thought she was going to have a go at me, but luckily Bean stepped in and said, "Uh oh Nana, looks like you have to go to time out." And she agreed! So it was a funny end to the confrontation, putting Nana in time out, but she saw how serious I was and didn't bite him back again. Sometimes you need to be a bit feisty (in a nice way) to get your point across, but don't let others compromise your vision for parenting! You're a fabulous mama. xo

jennohara said...

I dont know why it cant be as simple as "My family, my rules."
I really dont.
Hope everything gets sorted soon. This was a beautiful post.

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