Sunday, August 21, 2011

Catch up in the big smoke

As I am sure you have read on the kiwi blogs, yesterday's Auckland gathering was fantastic. A whole lot of bloggers once again proving that bloggers tend to like one another and get on like many houses on fire...

Meg and I

Jaz and Meg

I loved it! I got to meet Meg and PJ and Jacksta-B to name a few and catch up again with Cat and Meg and Leonie. Simoney, Lyns, Penny and I are church maties so I see them a bit anyway. Not that it wasn't wonderful to see them, I should add. As you can imagine there was extensive use of one's camera. At times it was like having the paparazzi around. I knew I was on the back foot when people took photos of food, the decor and lighting. I quickly whipped my camera out and took a photo of my food. This was the thing to do if you are a serious blogger (with 700 followers, no names mentioned... PJ, oh oops!)

Yes, this is my food...

Jacksta-B and PJ admiring their food

Leonie in paparazzi mode

I managed to hold it together, restraining the randomness and hyena laugh. I did however almost manage to offend PJ by calling her naughty- without explaining what naughty is in my world. Duh.

naughty= someone with that impish twinkle in their eye, who is ready to have a laugh and see the funny side of life. Mischievous. A good sort. An example is Gail.

So anyway.

Pulled that one back from the brink and had a lovely time. And I won a prize! A book by one of my favourite authors. Light, fluffy and a tear jerker (don't judge- I do skip the yucky descriptive bed bits...)

My book!

Needless to say we missed Gail. So we had a sad photo- which was ruined by the snort of laughter from the waiter as we were taking the photo. Took a while to settle us cackling hens back down into a sad frame of mind.

Can't wait to catch up again, I have promised Meg that we'll road trip down south next time. Who's up for that?

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Oh it was just the BEST afternoon :-) I loved that I got to sit next to you too!

It sounds like lots of people are up for a catch up in Welly next year (few convo's going on via Facebook last night) so we'll just HAVE to make it happen!

xx Meg

PaisleyJade said...

I LOVED meeting you!! You have such a great laugh and are so fun (and I wasn't offended at all by your cheeky comment... rather chuffed actually once I figured out what you meant - haha).

Have so many great memories from yesterday and can't wait to do it again sometime!!!

tea said...

Sounds like so much fun Sammy! And your food looks soooo delicious! I wish I could go to that restaurant!

Anonymous said...

I think Wellington would be a good choice then the Sth Island bloggers have less distance to come!! It looked SO cool. I am very jealous!

Gail said...

Who me??? Naughty??? Hahahahaha. I miss you! I'm so JEALOUS. And I'M in for trip south - though I don't do cars on rural roads.... so fly??xx

Gail said...

P.S. Can I borrow that book too? I promise I will fill you in on all the bits you skip!!!!!!

Cat said...

Wasn't it a fun afternoon - How good was it to receive so many bloggy hugs smiles and laughter!
Soooooooooooo good to see you again xxx
And yup up for a road trip train trip plane trip

Rachel Kate said...

Love your blog by the way - it is so pretty! Super nice to meet you :)

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