Friday, November 4, 2011

The Day of Doom

I am facing a huge birthday in 4 days time. And I am not prepared. Part of it is that I am used to hiding my age. Funny but true. We waited so long for kiddies that when we met Sweetpea and J we didn't mention our ages because we were scared they wouldn't pick us. The reality is that we were closer to their parents age than theirs, ha! New Zealand's "political correctness" meant that our age was never listed on any documentation. We just acted really young and hip. Or tried to! And sort of carried it on from there.....

So anyway.

In my attempt to come to terms with the Day of Doom I have decided a few things. I realise that all of these things are connected to the way I look but I only left myself 3 months to make the changes. And trying to learn a new language, study a masters and memorise the bible takes slightly longer.

The first one was to lose my pregnancy and beyond weight. Done. The diet of torture does work.

The second one was to style my hair every time I wash it. Most of you do this automatically but having very straight hair meant I could get away with air drying. I did have to wear a pony tail a LOT but was too lazy to change. The Day of Doom has changed that. So, done.

I am getting real with skin care. I now boast an array of creams with names like "age defy", "renew" & "repair". Fabulous, not. So again, done.

I feel a bit guilty freaking out when some of my bloggy friends are facing massive life stuff, but I am being real. I don't wanna enter that decade!




Meghan at MNM's said...

I know I was mortified too when I hit 30 *wink*

You are probably the youngest looking woman to EVER enter the decade of doom...I mean that...I think you must have miscounted your years somewhere along the way xx

Simoney said...

Oh no.
Have I made it look that scary?
Maybe I should have done something about my baby and beyond weight? my skincare? mY hair??
Honest, its not that bad over on this side of the hill, just a gentle slope down, really...

Cat said...

Happy "Dooms Day" Birthday Sammy
May this year bring you much blessings and joy

love and light

Cat said...

xxx Happy Birthday xxx for 3 days time

tea said...

I hope it's a happy birthday for you, Sammy! From what I hear each decade gets better. I hope that's what you end up experiencing, and that this decade surprises you with awesomeness!!

Gail said...

You are HOT. Hot, hot. 35 Hot. Like me. Hahaha.

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