Monday, November 21, 2011


The social services went to the little girls house straight after the call. They had the little girl examined and there was no evidence of rape. Thank God!! There are still huge issues with the family but at least that did not happen. I am super impressed with CYFs' response and they are now trying to work out what happened and what to do from here.

Most times its so good to be a New Zealander. But sometimes, very rarely, it's not. Today I am ashamed.

We have one of the poorest records for looking after our children in the developed world. We neglect, beat and kill our children. Sorry to be harsh, but those are the facts.

Needless to say I have zero tolerance for any of the above. So today, I found the number of Child Youth and Family, the government agency for looking after the welfare of our children, sat my nanny down and gave her the phone.

She knows a family through her nannying that she still has contact with. The mum of this family sometimes uses my nanny for babysitting. And Friday night was of these times.

After bathing the 3 year old (this makes me feel sick), she noticed the little girl was bleeding. Yes, from the place that no little girl should bleed from. She told the mum who promised she would take the little girl to the doctor. And, you guessed it, no such trip was made. So today the usual nanny told my nanny that the little girl had not been taken to the doctor. So I handed the phone to my nanny who made the call (she made the call gladly, btw)

Why do we do this? It makes me so mad. This family has a history of neglecting their kids. Lack of food, toys and a safe environment. I have provided food on occasion anonymously but at some point there needs to be intervention.

I am so ashamed that in this nation right now, children are suffering. A little boy was killed by someone who lives in his house in the last week. In my city. And this happens time after time after time.

I need to go and pray. Only God can make a difference. But may I say, that today I am ashamed of our child abuse record.



Anonymous said...

It is so sad and indeed a disgusting indictment on our country and society that this happens so regularly in little old NZ. That poor wee girl - my heart breaks for her. You and the nannies absolutely did the right thing.

Rebecca said...

Aw man, so disturbing. Prayers now for the little girl.

mountain mama said...

i don't understand it either...but that best thing we CAN do is pray!!!

God bless your country~

Anonymous said...

That is so horrible :( So glad you made the nanny call cyfs, disgusting that the mother didn't take her to the doctor! I'm going to share this post, I wish more people would speak up about what is going on around them!

Cat said...

love to you and your beautiful heart Sammy
we all need to pray....

love and light

Lyn said...

I just can't stop thinking about it either. Honestly I almost wrote the exact same post several times this week...its something as a mum that just goes over and over in your mind 'Show me God what I can do'. I just really pray that God stirs up our nation as to how we can HELP these poor children before things get any worse :-(

Elizabeth said...

Breaks my heart... no children should EVER have to suffer through such indecencies.

I am watching the documentary on Child Poverty as I write this :-(.

These Three Kings said...

VERY sad, I see all to often (sad again to say) whats even sadder and much of a burden is that the system is just as broken as the families the kids are in...
I wrestle so much with calling DHR because they too have flaws..which I see as well..
Christ is our only HERO, He ALONE SAVES the DAY and will continue to do so!

Programs and systems cant change people..only people change people..praying for the LORD to send more people, godly people to this situation..

I'm praying
May God have mercy and JUSTICE PREVAIL for these children!!

Penny said...

This has been on my mind too after watching a doco last night about how we're the third worst on some list for child health. And they're mostly preventable diseases.

Your story sends shivers through me.

And I have been praying today too about what I can do. I wish I could pretect all the children in NZ.

Mumma2two said...

Oh Sammy your story makes me feel so sad for all of the kids that don't have any one strong enough to make such a call.
Good on you and your Nanny for being an advocate for these children and being strong enough to speak up from them.

Being a social worker I have a real passion for kids such as these. I just wish that all children in NZ were loved, well feed and looked after like they deserve. Will pray for these children that they get the protection they deserve.

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