Thursday, November 3, 2011

the best day ever (for the third time)

Darling Rupi

Today you turn 3 years old. Well, at 9.10pm you will. This day marks the start of all that has been good for us. You, our son of vision & break through boy, began the years of blessing for us. Our life as parents started with you and you brought the sunshine back for us.

You are so loved by everyone around you. From Sweetpea and her family to J and his family to all of us, you are adored and loved. You have brought healing too, to Dida's auntie and helped her see that adoption can be a beautiful thing for everyone involved.

You are filled to the brim with life and bounce into the room. You are so strong and unafraid of anything physical. You can jump off heights that make your Mama's heart flinch and do insane roly-polys. You can catch a rugby ball and throw it back straight- you can only imagine how this makes your Dida feel!

I love how you need lots of cuddles and ask for me all the time. You snuggle in my lap along with the ever faithful Panda and all is well in your world. I love your cuddles so much!

Happy Birthday darling. Thank you for just being you.

Love forever, your Mama



Cat said...

Happy Birthday Rupi xxx
3 is such a wonderful age ::))

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to a little man who obviously brings massive light and life to all he encounters. Celebrating wonderful Rupi

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday cute boy! Xox

tea said...

Happy Birthday to Rupi! I'm so glad God blessed you with your special boy, Sammy! ♥

Mon said...

Awww heart melting and I'm all teary. Hope they enjoy the cupcakes today! xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Rupi...he is one gorgeous wee character. Have a fabulous day celebrating!

Elizabeth said...

Awww - happy birthday Rupi!

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