Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Slap-Dash Musings

Inspired (and endlessly amused) by Gails Slap Dash Musings here is a list of my own:

♥ Mama is the bomb

No-one finds things like me, I mean, no-one. Buzz was looked for, yearned for and mourned. But I found him. There he is, HEY Buzz there under the pink sunhat! Could the hiding be from the fact his arms & hands have been chewed off my his owner???

♥ My Mac

(the ♥ is a bit of a stretch, should be on "maybe like") Moving from a windows PC to a Mac has been a NIGHTMARE. Mainly due to still having to use my super expensive windows based programs. There have been times where I have truly hated the Mac. Seriously. And we are not quite out of the woods yet.

♥ Her hair

I love it love it love it. I do plaits/ pony tails/ pig tails/ hair bands and clips. One at a time or a combination or multiples. Luckily Blossom loves having her hair brushed (phew!)

♥ Freakish-ly organized

As I now have a whole (albeit small) room to myself for an office, I have organized myself into a coma. Here are my new insides of my new white drawers. Be still my beating heart.

♥ Sweetpea and her Mum

No photos just a story. They came up to the Big Smoke yesterday and so we did the gelato run and came back to our place. Loved it. Just natural and very normal. We always thought that they had no idea how old we were. The adoption profile didn't say and we were terrified they would turn us down if they knew. In conversation I admitted my age yesterday. "Oh yes, we knew how old you are" came the reply. WHAT? Apparently they always knew and there we are tiptoeing around the topic for 3 1/2 years. Gotta love us,  we are utter dorks...!



jennohara said...

Love these!!! And so cute about the age story. :)

Gail said...

Hahaha, your drawer cracks me up. Slightly beaver-ish huh?

Cat said...

i like thee slap-dash musings!

love and light

Simoney said...

Hahahaha, utter dorks, yup!!
LOVE your little girl's HAIR and so jealous that she lets you play with it... My girlie RARELY lets me (she's been doing doing her own for years; including the CUTTING hahaha)...
plus your bean is SO PRETTY!!!

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