Sunday, February 12, 2012


This little girl is always on the move. Walking and talking. Non-stop. Her little voice fills the house and if no-one is in the room to talk to, she will talk to her stuffed toy, or puzzle or book.

I love how she places a demand on me. So assured of her place in my life in and in our house, she never hesitates to ask. "Up?" is most common question and once up on my hip she is able to direct me. " 'is way" she says and points her arm. "Some?" is the next most common question as she always wants what I am eating. I am more than happy to share my food and let her use my hip as mode of transport. I would give her the shirt off my back and I love to hear her ask. It gives me endless pleasure to give to her.

She is my little girl. At 20 months old she still has rubber band wrists and baby feet. Such little feet! A delicate looking child that is more than able to hold her own. I pray her confidence remains as it's a treasure to see.

My girl ♥



Cat said...

she is gorgeous!
and growing so fast

Love and Light

jennohara said...

Oh I love that sweety pie!! Her cheeks!!!!
Dont you LOVE the "elastic band wrists"? Ive never heard that expression before, but totally get it! Gracie had those until about 3! I miss them now :(

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