Monday, February 20, 2012

The two of us

In the middle of a crowded restaurant, on Saturday night, two souls connected. We had been trying to find space to do this for ages and finally we made it. In the middle of another friend's birthday party we sat beside one another sharing our stories.

She has an egg donor baby and so do I. What a gift to find someone else like me. To look into one another's eyes and to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the other gets you. Understands the journey, the heart ache, the joy and the grief.

It's the first time I have ever spoken to someone who is the recipient of an egg donor. She's the only one I know of. The best thing of all is that she is SO lovely. Easy to talk to with a tender heart, she is just wonderful. And she loves Jesus which is the best thing of all.

So two barren women sat together and talked about the joy of mother-hood. And we are both truly barren, in the natural, having gone through the rigors of IVF and failing to conceive time after time. And yet, we have children. How amazing is that?

I left with the certainty that God is amazing. He redeems what is lost and fallen. Motherhood extends beyond biology (or genetics). Motherhood is a God given privilege. Motherhood is a spiritual and emotional bond.

And I say to you again, my special friend (yes, she reads the blog) that there is no-one who can be the mother that you can for baby B. You are her everything and God brought the two of you together. May there be so many more times that people say how much she looks like you!



jennohara said...

How very very special!

Cat said...

I LOVE the bigger picture
it is always to perfect

love and light

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